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Social Media Strategies for Travel 2016

Social Media Strategies for Travel - Kim Matlock

Innovative customer engagement is at the heart of every successful travel brand. How can you be successful in building your online reputation, engaging customers AND get more bookings when you have limited resources, funds & time? Hear about the latest digital trends, strategies and practical tactics you can use to drive your business forward and win those all-important digitally savvy customers.

In this Session you will learn:

  • 5 top technology trends that you need to be preparing to embrace

  • 5 reasons why people share content and how you can leverage user generated content

  • 5 tips for successful content marketing

  • 5 easy tactics to raise your visibility in Google

  • 5 Do’s and Don’ts in social media that will help you avoid negative reviews

Click Here to download the presentation

Kim Matlock is currently the CMO of Cool Blue Media who publishes the digital magazines for social media professionals, entrepreneurs, investors and virtual reality communities. She was formerly the head of digital marketing and CRM for the iconic Hard Rock brand and evangelized new technologies while working for Microsoft. She a self-proclaimed girly geek, life-long LOTRs fan, loves wine in a platonic way, enjoys taking terrible pictures & overshares too much on social media. She'd love to help you with your digital transformation.

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