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Topics include: Customer Relationships, Social Media, Customer Loyalty, Connected Solutions, Using Big Data to Enhance the Customer Experience.
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Influencer Luncheon
Microsoft TechEd2008 Influencer Luncheon with Bill Gates
New Zealand Marketing Summit
New Zealand Marketing Summit - International Keynote
America Marketing Assoc - CFL
Amplify your digital presence for great customer loyalty
Hotel Technology Forum
HT Talks to Kim Matlock
Venture Beat Growth Conference
Online to in-store attribution
Hard Rock Sales & Marketing Conf
Hard Rock Sales & Marketing Conference, Social & Digital Media
Lockheed Martin Technology Conf
Keynote presentation with Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer & Lockheed CIO, Joe Cleveland
Pin for Success
Florida PR Association Keynote Speaker
FPRA Media Roundtable
Florida Public Relations Media Roundtable
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